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    Cargo Handling

Cargo Handling


Sometimes, oversized cargo loaded by flat rack container.

Transferring the goods from flat rack container is carried out based on the consideration of safety of the goods (because of the height) before the goods transported to the factory.

Rework also required for heavy length cargo. It is because of the transporting heavy length cargo only can be done at night and it takes time longer than the usual cargo.

We offer a broad range of rework.  Started from discharging, loading, lashing, securing, and temporary storage.

Packing, Stuffing, Unstuffing

Unsecured cargo within a container can have a physical manifestation or remain hidden within.

The consequence of unsecured cargo is damaged the good itself, and of course the risk of it breaking through the container during transport. Thus, it’s being important to package the cargo secured and properly.

Netanya International has various experiences on packing machinery and the goods which have to be shipped both domestically and internationally with fumigation on demand to all kind of project cargo, general cargo and heavy lift within considering the need for the effective loading and securing of cargoes

Jacking, Rolling

The maintenance process or addition of a new machine to a factory is a frequent thing to do. We offer services for the transfer or placement of new machines and the retrieval of old machines in the area of the factory or warehouse that settle.

The process of removing and placing goods or machines from the factory by jacking, rolling. This is because the space in factory or warehouse locations are limited so heavy equipment such as crane can not enter for handling goods.